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Advanced CPAR

Under the new Advanced CPAR program established in 2016, you must successfully pass three out of the five specialty exams. The Advanced CPAR specialty exams will be a more in depth study of the CPAR material. You may select any of the three sections. Advanced CPAR study material and exams are available. 

Anyone who obtained their CPAR certification in 2015 will need to obtain their Advanced CPAR certification by passing three of the five above Specialty sections within three years of taking the first Advanced Specialty exam.

Specialty Manuals and Exams
The specialty manuals and corresponding exams are:
Patient Access
Patient Financial Services
Revenue Integrity
Physician Practice

Important Information

CPAR exams are administered through our on-line learning and testing platform provided by Litmos. You will create an account and profile, review or download the manual then schedule take the exam.


The purchase fee of $75 is for one of five ACPAR specialty manuals and includes one exam attempt per specialty. When you purchase the manual, you will be able to view it on-line as well as download it. If you only want the manual, then you can simply choose not to complete the exam.

Study information will be available in June

In June of each year our learning and testing area will be updated to allow students to purchase new manuals for the current year. Previous year's manuals are not available. The purchase price also includes access to the downloadable study information for each certification. Students who do not pass the exam may pay to re-test during that same year. Re-testing fees do not carry over to future calendar years.