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In our hectic professional and personal lives, it is difficult to find the time to volunteer. Yet, as we all face the challenges of the transforming healthcare industry, education and sharing is more important than ever. There are many benefits of volunteering for Georgia HFMA, and finding the right role that suits your time constraints is easy. You will be glad you did!
A few benefits include:
  • Expanding your network by meeting new people
  • Strengthening existing relationships and contacts
  • Learning new strategies and ideas from industry leaders
  • Professional growth and development
  • Demonstrating your skills and ability
  • Boosting social skills
  • Making a positive difference for our membership
  • Earning Founders Points to gain Advanced Member status in HFMA
There are many roles that can be accomplished remotely, without attending in person meetings, so please don’t let limited travel budgets hinder your involvement. To find the best role for you, review our committees below and reach out and let us know. There are a number of leadership positions available and something to fit everyone's skill set and interest.
Thank you for your consideration in becoming a volunteer of Georgia HFMA.

Sincerely yours,

Laurence Harris
2020-2021 President, Georgia HFMA

2020-21 COMMITTEE List

Led by: Sherrie Thrasher
  • Public Relations Committee- Promote GA HFMA, including content development and publication of weekly email updates
  • Social Media Committee – Lead chapter strategy for member engagement through social media.
  • Chapter Photographer - Capture pictures of GA HFMA Chapter activities

Led by: Ariel Biggs
  • Education Content - Plan/administer multi-day Institute education and One day Summit events
  • Education Logistics - Plan/administer Institute and One day Summit events, including food/entertainment
  • Registration Committee - Administer pre-registration & on-site registration for events

Led by: Matt Fisher
  • Revenue Cycle Forum - Plan/administer workshops throughout the state (Northern and Southern regions will be maintained with duplicative programs). Plan/administer webinars (workshops and CPAR classes). Plan/administer the logistics of the Forums Workshops, including on-site locations & webinars
  • C.A.R.E. (Compliance, Audit, Risk and Ethics) Committee - Plan/administer workshops throughout the state and/or at the quarterly Institutes
  • Webinars - Plan and coordinates quality content in regularly scheduled webinars for state and national participants, including one regional webinar

Led by:  John Lloyd 
  • Advanced CPAR Committee - Plan/administer educational offerings, update content, and maintain database
  • CPAR Committee - Plan/administer coaching, testing, and awards banquet, as well as maintain reference manual and database
  • National HFMA Certification - Plan/facilitate HFMA’s certification coaching and recognition events for certified members

Led by: Monica Agate
  • Membership Committee - Plan/administer membership recruitment and retention programs. Update/distribute annual membership directory
  • Mentoring Program Committee – Create and implement a mentoring program for members interested in becoming more involved in the chapter, including mentoring new members, current and future leaders of the Chapter
  • Enterprise Members - Coordinate with Enterprise Member liaisons to deliver targeted education and value to members associated with HFMA through their Enterprise Membership program

Led by: Gina Smith
  • Organizational Outreach Committee - Solicit/plan/administer events with other organizations, etc. with fellow professional organizations and other organizations. Solicit/plan/administer events with other organizations, FACHE, GHA, MGMA, academia etc
  • Federal and State Issues Committee - Increase influence on Federal and State legislative/regulatory policy of HFMA/GA HFMA
  • Early Careerist Committee – Identify and engage current members and potential new members who are early in their healthcare career.

Led by: Brian Patterson
  • Website Committee - Maintain GA HFMA website
  • Technology Support - Support Committees in their use of chapter technologies

Led by: Laura Holland
  • Networking Events
  • Educational Events
  • Other Committee Events - Works alongside all committees of the chapter to deliver innovative ideas to events.