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The Georgia HFMA Podcast Series features healthcare leaders who give their take on healthcare topics of the day.


Episode #4: Celebrating Women's History Month with a special edition interview with Elizabeth Richards, President of Georgia HFMA & Chief Executive Officer at Altum Healthcare Solutions

Episode #5: Population Health experts from Evidence Care and Wellstar Health System join forces to discuss this insanely important topic


Listen from our website and subscribe from your favorite streaming service: Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Overcast.

Check out our hfma Georgia Chapter YouTube channel for more resources: Webinar and Institute recordings, Meet Max, CHFP sessions and more!

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Becoming certified distinguishes you as a leader and high-level professional in the healthcare finance industry. It reflects a deep personal commitment and sense of accountability that inspires credibility and confidence in your professional knowledge. Through Georgia HFMA and National HFMA Certification Programs, you can show your dedication to high industry standards. Georgia HFMA
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